Shaping The Future of Power: Knowledge Production and Network-Building in China-Africa Relations

How do rising powers increase and exercise their influence in Africa? Looking at China’s foreign policy in Africa, one might be compelled to strictly think about China’s military base in Djibouti or Chinese investments in natural resources and infrastructure projects. However, I argue that there is a whole other side to China-Africa relations that is very important to understand yet often gets neglected. The Chinese government spends millions of dollars on professionalization trainings, elite visits, party-to-party relations, and cultural exchanges with African partners. Chinese universities have become the top destination for thousands of Africans seeking higher education degrees. Even when Chinese financial loans to Africa decreased in 2018, pledges to provide scholarships, training opportunities, and exchange visits increased. More on the book here.

Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Network-Building in China-Africa Relations: Past and Present
  3. Relationality, Social Capital, and the Future of Power
  4. Guanxi in Military Diplomacy and Security Trainings
  5. Guanxi in Public Diplomacy and Trainings for Journalists
  6. Guanxi in Cultural Diplomacy and Confucius Institutes
  7. Relational Power Beyond China-Africa

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